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We had a good weekend. D went sailing saturday and we had special supper. Sunday was Fathers day, we got up had waffles then went to Lowe's to look at cabinet tops again. found a couple more we liked. The boys washed the van with daddy, got some great picutre!! They were sooo cute spraying water everywhere.

Today was play group. We had lunch with LA and went to Walmart. Usual monday stuff. Tonight was support group. Chas and Kristy and I went to eat after. Was nice to not have anoybody to feed.
Thursday was La Leache League. We had a good turn out. Went out with Kerri and the kids and mom afterwards. A was at VBs again. It seems he had a good time.

Normal Tuesday

Today was MDO (MothersDayOut) for A and yoga class for me. Of course he cried when I took him in, but I know he has a good time, so I kissed him bye and went to yoga class.
Had a good time today. During tree pose I could hear T down the hall screaming "mama mama". Was a little hard to 'relax'. lol....


Welcome to my first ever blog!!
Hope to hit on some of my daily random thoughts in here.
Hope you all enjoy it!


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