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First Swim Lesson...

Ok, so the boys did a nervous wreck!! Everytime they went under I stopped breathing!

Adison jumping in.
Float man Tate.

The teacher did a great job with them....I'll just take a valium before the next class!
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My cousin and I got the hair brained idea today to do some tie dying for the first time. I am SOO happy with the results. We had a good time doing it except for the killer headaches and nausea we both have from the dye.

Here is a shirt for me! LOVE IT!

Tate's shirt was voted best!!

This one is for Keaton. I accordian folded this one.
Yes! They are underware!! Every self respecting hippie MUST have a pair this summer!!

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My Mother's Day Gift to myself!

Sometimes a girl (especially in a house of boys) needs some pretty, pink, flowery things! So for Mother's Day I got myself a new bed spread and new window treatments!

This is the view from behind the door.

You can see my bed, Keaton's sidecar crib, Tate's bed, the pack'n'play and the tip of Adison's bed.

I was very excited when I found out my grandmothers painting matched the quilt!!
It has been sitting on a self not seen and now I enjoy it every day!!

I got the curtain part plain so I could put the garland on the outside curtain rod.

I really liked how it turned out.
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Me...dressed up.

A friend today said she hadn't really seen me in 'fitted' clothes. So here I am.

I was attending the celebration of a special little girl's life.
You can see all about Bella's life
here. She was an amazing child who touched many lives.

We will miss you Bella!
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Stephanie has a great contest going over at Adventures in Babywearing!
You can register on the Mr.Linky to win:

Skip Hop Pronto in Black or Red-
Skip Hop Toolbox Diaper Caddy in White with Mint Accents-
Skip Hop Splash in White-
Skip Hop Chow in White

and check out the great website who is donating !! Mason & Matisse

Zoo trip..

Here is the slide show for our zoo trip... ZOO TRIP

maybe I can figure out how to get it over here. Anyone know??

Boys School program..

Last night was the boys program at school.
Adison got a 'diploma' from the Pre-K program and Tate got a Good Job Certificate.

Here is Adison and his teachers, Ms. Linda and Ms. Patty.

Here is Tate with 'Aunt' Janice. Of course with his classic smile.
Tate's class singing Deep and Wide.
Adison's class going through the alphabet.
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Family Tree

I have been working on Tate's family tree cross stitch on and off for maybe 2 years.
I finally finished it all!! All the names are there in real life.
I am working on Adison's in fall colors and soon will start on Keaton's. Keaton's will look alot like Tates, spring colors.

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Back... and updates

I am back online!! New system going strong, just having to reload all the odd little things.

AND.... I got all the silhouettes done!! Check it out... here.

Out of the loop

Well...... *sigh* hubby is upgrading my laptop so I am out of the loop.
No MSN messanger, no AIM, no IRC, no *gasp* email can be sent.
SO...if you need me you can call or text my cell phone.
Hope to see you all in a day...or less!

Fields of Gold

I have no clue why my allergies are so bad...

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First Bus Ride

Adison and I have been going to KinderHugs meetings to prepare them (and us) for kindergarden. This month they got to take a short bus ride! Adison's first ever time on a school bus. He was excited and mommy was nervous. They went over school bus rules and safety. We don't plan on having him riding the bus for years... but didn't want him to miss the event!

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Playgroup on monday

I love this outfit!! When he sat in the yellow chair I thought perfect picture!!

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Wordless Wednesday #14....a butterfly on the wall

For more Wordless Wednesdays.... go here.
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More missing teeth..

Adison has offically lost his 2 bottom teeth! He was playing with the loose one tonight and out it came.
He was all excited and came running to tell daddy and me.

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My Little Hippie

What else screams hippie but a pair of cami shorts and a 'got mom's milk?' t-shirt??

MAYBE tie dye and camis??

Gotta train them early!
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I have been wanting to get the boys silhouettes for a while. I was reading a bit on the Simply Silhouettes blog and learned a bit on how to do it myself. I took a picture in front of a window and then using Picasa I tweaked it a bit. Then went to Paint and deleted the extra parts. I am going to try and get Keaton's done this afternoon. Then print them on nice paper and frame them in my room. Maybe time to redo the room in black and white!

Trying to get a picture


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