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Knoxville Zoo

Way to go Knoxville Zoo! The room was ever so cozy. Soft lighting and toys for the toddlers to play with!
Thank you Knoxville Zoo for providing such a nice place to nurse our babies.

ps. I didn't use the room, but I think I nursed every where else at the
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Keaton's 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Big Man!!

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Adison said something last week about wanting to get a baby chick. I have a friend who has chickens so she said if we get the babies, she will take them when they grow up. She called today and said she had picked them up. So off to get baby chicks I went.
The kids were so excited! Keaton kept taking my hand and moving it to the chick saying 'pick up my chicken'.

Raeleigh even liked the new chicks!
They get to live with us until they become too big (or more work than momma is willing to

Thanks Ms. Paula and Mr. Les for letting us foster the chicks!
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Mr. Bubbles

This is what happens downstairs when you use an entire bottle of Mr. Bubbles in the tub upstairs!!

Donnie was not humored. I was cracking up!!
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Don't know when you offically consider them walking, but I would say she is! And in an adorable outfit.
She will stand up on stuff to walk to something else.
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Raeleigh's Dogwood

My sweet mother in law gave me a Dogwood tree when Raeleigh was born.
Pink of course!
It has turned out doing very well! We even got blooms this year!!
With Raeleigh about to turn 1 year old I thought I needed to share some picures of her tree!

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Criss cross applesauce

On Wednesday Keaton saying look and sitting down. It took me forever to figure out what he was trying to show me.
He learned how to sit criss cross applesauce!
He was so proud of himself! He told me to take a picture of him.

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Yup..this is what we do while the big boys are at school....make facebook close up pictures!

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Earth Fest 2009

Me, Raeleigh, Kerri and Megan went to Earth Fest 2009.
We had a really good time!
Came home with a tomato plant, tie dye dress for Raeleigh and lots of reuseable bags!

Megan showing me her gymnastic tricks! She is getting so good at them!
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We found a booth that does animal education for student and groups.
They had a couple of snakes and a turtle there.
I talked Megan into holding the little one, after encouraging her to even touch it!

Even Raeleigh touched it!! Her first snake!

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Megan went back to the booth to hold the bigger snake.

Of course we had to get a picture for Logan!
Such a pretty Ball Python!
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Guess if you need a Grandaddy you can get one here pretty cheap!

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Raeleigh's new trick..

Give her a phone and she puts up to her ear and say "hi!".
Starting already with the phone!
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Adison gets his Tiger Badge

He is offically a Tiger Cub Scout!!

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