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Tate's update

Tate fell down the stairs Wednesday Night. There was very little brusing that night. The next day the tip was blue/black and there was a small line where the nose bends up. Most of that was gone away by Saturday. He got up Sunday and his eyes and next to his nose were yellow bruised. I am back putting Arnica on it. Little man got very lucky!

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My Button

I am SOO proud of myself! I made my very own button! (SEE RIGHT) A friend and I started a Children's Consignment Sale. We got a webapge last year and I have been trying to promote it everywhere! I thought, what better place to mention it than with a button! Now if anyone so desires I will be more than happy to share my button so that you too can let everyone know about our great sale.
For more info on the sale check it out...
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The Ultimate Blog Party

From March 2 - 9th ( MY BIRTHDAY!)

5 Mintues for Mom is hosting THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY!! You can check out all the great details on her site

There will be prizes! You just need to register on the blog.

I am donating one of my Sign Language Cross Stitch samplers.

It sounds to be a great event! So don't miss out. Check out the link above or click the button on the right and get all the details.

Tates Big Injury

Last night we had a scare! Tate fell down stairs and hit a ribbermaid box face first. He seems to have hit it just on the tip of his nose and bent the tip of his nose back. Let me tell you....the nose bleeds..A LOT when hit. I started giving him arnica orally and putting it on his nose right away. The picture is from about 30 mintues after it happen. He is fine today. A little brusing on the very tip and the line across his nose. Scary!

Mama to the Mama Blogger

Stephanie (adventuresinbabywearing ) passed along this TAG to me. Mama to the Mama Blogger. My mom doesn't blog, not sure if she reads this one. (If so..HI MOM).

Here is a picture of my mom, her best friend Kathy (my Godmother) and Aunty Carol. Her best girls growing up. This is at a shower, May 1968. I'm guessing Carols, since she has the flower on.

The best part of the picture is HER HAIR!! What was she thinking??? I'm guessing the hole in the ozone is the lone result of the hairspray used on this hair do!

This is the same gals, Summer 2001.

They are still extremely close and are there for each other anytime they need to be.

And here is June 2006 at the Surprise 40th Anniversary Party I threw for my parents. Pictured again...My mom, Kathy, Barbara and Aunty Carol. The orginal bridemaids at my parents wedding, 40 years later. They are all still close.

I will say the point to the TAG is to think of something special about your mom. I have so many I can't count, but looking at these pictures I can say I learned a very important thing from my mom. Friends. Girl Friends. They are priceless. They are hard to find. And when you find them you DO NOT LET THEM GO! I know at any time I can call Kathy and Carol and they will drop their life for my mom. Anytime, anyplace. That is special. That is rare.

I love my mom dearly. I love my Godmother. And I love my Aunty Carol. I love that they love my mom so dearly. I can rest and know that there are 2 other women out there who will be there with my mom when she needs them. And vice versa.

TAG....Your next.


This would be our first 'real' snow of the year. I snowed all day and then mostly melted. Started snowing again later afternoon and it stayed. This morning we still have all the snow.

My beautiful Boys!

I've decided...its like trying to catch a greased pig!
Here is the best picture of my boys from Valentines Day.

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Eye Color mystery...

I recently found this website. I believe from someone else's blog, but I can't find it.

The gest of the website is you input your parents eye color, your children's father's parents eye colors, your eye color and daddy's eye color. It then does the magic genetic calculation that no one really understands and tells you what eye color chances you have.
I find it mildly disturbing that I have 3 little boys with blue eyes when the program says I have a 10% chance of it.

Soooo..either the program is very off, my brown eyes are a freak, or the cute neighbor next door has been visiting!! really I do think that my eye color is a freak accident. My dad is one of 6 children. My dad is the only brown eye child. Of the 19 grandchild on that side there are 2 with brown eyes.
From this information I would say the only reason my mom had a brown eyed child was pure, crazy, out of the blue, Luck!

YEAH!! it is!! My NEW (to me) VAN! It is an '05 and is Ocean Mist..the color of Eeyore! I am soo excited!
It drives great and is soo comfy!

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Wordless Wednesday #?.....Spoon Face I know its late...but still hysterical!!
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