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Pictures of the kids...

It's like triying to nail jello to a tree!!

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Another photo shoot...

We have a picture of the boys with Keaton just like this one...

ALMOST a smile!!

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Nap Time

Keaton woke up from his nap on the other couch and crawled up in my lap while Raeleigh was alseep.

He woke up at one point and moved his I love her look.

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Grammie and her little girl

Mom wanted a picture with Raeleigh and this is the one I got.
It so good of Raeleigh! She is so bright eyed!

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My sweeties!

My little man giving little sister kisses!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Raeleigh's Photo Shoot

Here is my attempt at pictures of our new little lady :)

Raeleigh's Birth Day Cake

The boys made and decorated a cake for Raeleigh's Birth Day!

More Raeleigh...

Here is a slideshow of her first days...still working on the good pciture!

She's Here!!!

Official announcement to follow when I get a really good picuture of her!

Raeleigh Cariann
May 5th, 2008
5:05 pm
7 lb 4 oz 21"

Big Brother Adison checking out his 'tiny sister'.

Tate wasn't sure what the think.

Baby Raeleigh

Her coming home outfit, spit up on 10 mintues

More to follow!!
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