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My new Yellow Belts!

The boys had their Martial Arts test last night. They are now yellow belts!
I'm very proud of them.

Thanks Mr. Tim for being a great teacher!
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Happy St Patrick's Day!!

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Raeleigh's Summer attire...

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Raeleigh was a hoot playing peek a boo with her dress!!

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Some recent Raeleigh pics...

It's make her so mad when the cat walks in front of her.
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Happy Birthday Sandra!

I love ice cream cake! So every year I order my own cake.
Mom and dad came up and her and the kids decorated the dining room.

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The mini...

The mini!!
All painted, still gutless! The work begins!

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Sky Blue pink..

This was my grandfathers favorite color...
Everytime I see a sky like this I think of him.

I know the pictures do not do it justice.
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Wally is now in foster care near his mommy in Charlotte....we miss you Wally the wall-eyed wonderdog!

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The playhouse...

Here is Raeleigh's barbie house!
Sadly right now it's more a playhouse for her and Keaton.
They had so much fun crawling in and out.

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