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Over the crib in our room

These are some cards I won at a La Leche League silent auction. I framed them and hung them over the crib in our room. I love having the special connection between mom and child right above where my babies sleep close to me.

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Tate's Menagerie

This is what Tate sleeps with each night. Yes that is Darth Tater you see there.

Who all is present.... Mike (of Monsters Inc fame), giraffeeie, Blue (of Blue's Blues fame), Li Li (Lion), Tenn (build a bear Frog), Puppy (great granfather gift), Lumpy (of Winnie the Pooh fame), and Darth Tater ( of Potato Wars fame)....and last night there was a paper airplane in the crowd!
Missing from picture...a small breast cancer bear.

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The Boys New Room

For Christmas the boys got a room all their own! We turned the Lime Room (spare room) into their room. Aunt Kerri and Uncle Joey came over and painted. And let me tell you...those 2 can paint the hell out of a room!! I decided on a road sign theme! So they got new quilts, street signs with their names on them and more stuff to come! I think it has turned out great! They seem to really enjoy having a space their own. Now to get them in the room! I am not in a rush, they will move when they are ready. It does make me babies are growing up!

Uncle Beau passed this along to the boys. The room wasn't dark when I took the pictures, but since the sign is reflective, the just glowed. It only seemed right to have a Do Not Enter sign on their room door.

I got the quilts on ebay! I was so excited when she said she had 2 of them. They match perfect to the wall stripes!!
Tate's Bed

Adison's bed.

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I used the boys street signs as window headers.

I got a great memo hanger from Target. The other side has days of the week, so it will be useful when they are in school.
The magnets I have on it are all street signs!!

The boys clothes are in the drawers, books, games and coloring books on the shelf. The bucket on top has road sign stickers all over it.
It's supposed to be the garbage pail, but I'm sure it will end up with cars or potato head pieces in it!
PS Kerri...those are not marks on the wall!!

This is a bank I got on ebay!
Of course now I just have to convience Tate to use it.

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Keaton's Rides...

This is my Baby Hawk Mei Tai.

This is Keaton in the Ergo riding in front. Here we are at the aquarium. I think he likes riding on back better. He can see everything. He loves the jelly fish. Huge orange spots on bright blue background!
Again at the aquarium.

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Here is Aunt Kerri and the water sling.

Skinny Christmas

So this was Christmas 2004...after I had lost all my weight. This was just about my lowest!! Oh to be back there!
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Tate's Christmas Hat

It's become a tradition..the boys get t-shirts and books for Christmas and Tate gets a hat and mittens! This was Tate's t-shirt from last year.

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Christmas Family Pictures

Donnie and Sandra
Keaton (7.5 months), Sandra, Adison (5), Tate (3.5 years), Donnie

Poppy and Grammie with Keaton

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Santa totally came through this year!! I was looking for a new red purse and TADA!! Here it is! Yeah Santa!!

The boys are loving playing with the race cars grammie got them!! All the boys!

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Christmas Morning!

We left cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots for the reigndeer. They were all gone this morning with a note of thanks from the big guy!

The calm before the storm!

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Underware Bandits!


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One more...

Another I'm working will have Nemo at the top..

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I was going back through some pictures and found these cross stitch patterns that I designed and stitched! Yes, I'm bragging!

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For all of those who didn't get a Christmas card from us.


Adison (5), Tate (3.5), Keaton (7 months)

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Wall 'o Christmas Cards

This year I got cards from my Neofriends, family, and MDC mommas!! Crazy wall of cards!!

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Keaton and bananas

Keaton is now getting a wee bit of food. Not sure about the taste, but loves the mess factor!

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