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New Years Resolutions

Well, my New Years Resolutions is to keep up my blog again! I have been fussed at, so I'm back! lol....I will be starting fresh January 1st, 2011!!

Hope you enjoy!


Scout Sunday

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Blue Belts!!

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We made the best snow fort!! It was allll Barbara's idea!!

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Waiting for the snow...

We knew the snow was coming...we just had to wait for it!
My friend Barbara came over to play with us before and in the snow!

We got the ruler ready for the morning.
Barbara and Raeleigh kept checking out back!

Pinewood Derby work day

This will be the boys first Pinewood Derby race with Cub Scouts.
Adison is making a truck and Tate is doin a Mini!

Fun Expedition

Attachment parenting early on!

Raeleigh has 5 babies in her sling! Now that's a AP mom!!


Our first snow of the new year...
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Raeleigh's tea party

Raeleigh got this set for Christmas and she loves to set it up
and play tea with her bears and babies.
This tea party is with Beth, bear and one of her fairies.

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Chick fil a Fun

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Christmas 2009


Here is Raeleigh with her babies, Beth and DeeDee.
Her favorite spot to read, her chair, her fairy treehouse and the sit and spin.
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Grammie train!!

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Visit with Santa

Katie and Whitney

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