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Saw this lizard at Cub Scouts.
This little guy was peeking over the step at me!

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Caterpiller to butterfly

A few weeks ago there were black caterpillers every where! We did some research and found out the are Gulf Fritillary. While in the garage Donnie found this one hanging on a box lid. We were lucky enough to catch it making it's chrysalis and then this morning to watch it coming out!! We even got to say bye as he flew away!
I so hope the boys remember this! I know I will.

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Tate's day at the park

Our county spent $50k on a new playground and it was well worth it!
This place is GREAT!!
It was kindergartens final play trip. The kids had a blast.

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Keaton's program at school

It was sooo cute! Keaton sang the songs and did the signs!!
Maybe it's time I start teaching him more signs.

Special thanks to Ms. Jean and Ms. Sylvia! You ladies are wonderful!
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Tate's Graduation from Kindergarten!!

Tate got the Most outstanding Math award!

Two of his best buddies!
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Congrats Andrew!!

A friend's son Andrew graduated from high school and we went to his party!
We are very proud of him!

Grandma Sandy was there and Raeleigh got cuddles.
And of course Aunt Marci spoiled her with fruit!

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Bye Bye chickens

It was time for the chickens to go back to their home. They were starting to fight over space where we had them.
They had easily quadrupaled in size!
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Adison at the park

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At the park

Raeleigh hanging out at the park with Adison and mommy.

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I got a Mother's Day visit from the Mini!!
It's just beautiful!
1960 Austin Mini Seven Deluxe

The boys had a blast with it!
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Yup...those are my dad's crocs with little minis on them.
He's cool that way.

Keaton checking the car out. You can't see it, but Donnie is standing next to him standing the same way.

My first ride!!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!
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I love this picture!

Enough said.
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Donnie's Roses

A few years ago for Father's Day I bought Donnie 2 rose bushes.
He has really worked with them and they look beautiful!

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Book time..

I put her chair in the corner by the bookshelf.
I discovered that for some reason all the books we have are about trucks and snakes and such.
So I have made it a point to ger some 'girly' books!
She loves to sit down and look through all her books!
One of her favorites is 'Thats not my fairy'.

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Birthday Girl!

Here is little miss on her actual birthday.
When else can you get away with wearing a tutu all day!!

Happy Birthday little girl!!
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