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A morning with the balloons

More playing with PSP..

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Playing with PSP

I am learning to use Paint Shop Pro and loving it! Here are some samples so far!

I love the idea of this one..thought it was cute to use the blocks to spell her name.

Every 2 month old needs a great pair of shades!

I love this picture! It's a friends daughter, neice and mother. Thought it was such a sweet picture!
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Aunt Nanner

For those of you who don't know her..this is Aunt Nanner. She is my cousin on my moms side. She moved in with us when Adison was a baby and has lived close to us since then. She moved recently and is about 10 minutes away. The boys adore her. I do too for that fact. She is a huge part of our family! I can't imagine her not being around.

We love you Aunt Nanner!

The gals sportin their shades!

Raeleigh does not like the is Aunt Nanner keeping her happy!
Part of Raeleigh's name is from Aunt Nanner (LeighAnna)
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