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Blast you Stephanie..

Now with 50% more Sandra!

Let's try that again shall we!

Recommended By Dr. Sandra.

MUCH better!! ROFL

You too can laugh at your own slogans.... here.

Zippy Cootie-Mouth

My New Van!

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!!
or at least it would be..if I wasn't still driving this one.
Let me start by saying to never, ever, upon death buy a car at HARRY LANE KIA/CHRYSLER in Knoxville, TN. They will lie to get you in the door.

I had spoke to a sales man on Thrusday. Probably talked to each other about 7 times. We talked money, we talked numbers, we talked payment. We were on the same page all the way. We set a time for me to come down on Friday. My mom was here so I spent the morning cleaning and clearing out my van. I mean really clearing it out! We drove to the dealership, an hour away.

I parked next to my new van! I smelled my new van! I touched my new van!

The sales guy and I went inside. He got my papers and we chatted. He goes away to get the final papers and info on my old van. The sales guy comes back in and sits down. He looks up at me and says "they can't do it" I said "excuse me?". He says "the sales manager says we can't do it." I stand up and tell him " I want you to know I am livid and i will never buy a car from Harry Lane and I plan on telling everyone I know!" The poor sales guy. I truley do not belive that he was at fault. The manager did not listen to him and told him in a lie that he could do the deal to get me in there. Well HA on them. I got up and walked out the door. Giving everyone I could the dirties looks I could. I was yelling and fuming the whole way out to the van. Sales guys outside were scattering like mad. I do belive they knew I was mad.

So long story short...
I did NOT get my new van.
I hate the sales manager at Harry Lane in Knoxville.
Momma ain't happy!

Anyone want to trade an '01 Odyssey for an '06 Sedona?

The Boys Hair


I know way shaggy.

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The sheer terror on his face is not from the hair cut. LOL...
He says he likes it.
I had her leave a little curl in the back. I can't resist!
Girls would die for his hair! So thick and every color.

Poor Tate I have yet to find someone who can get his front right..sigh.

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Todays excitment..

Today we went shopping in Knoxville. At the mall we went to they have this jumping/ trampoline thing. Everytime we go the boys are drooling to do it. Tate is a small little guy and I worried about him going on it. Well we watched today and this little girl smaller than Tate got on to jump. So while the boys watched with excitment and desire, I decided ok....

Strapped up and ready to go. Momma's heart stopping!

The after effects of too much fun!

100 Things About Me....

Well, I've seen it in a few places and thought it would be nice for me to do it. Learn something about myself. So here we go.

1. I was born in Tenneessee and have lived here my whole life.
2. I am an only child.
3. I have a very happy childhood.
4. I have 3 boys and not sure if we are done.
5. I breastfed my oldest till 3.5 years.
6. I breastfed my middle till 2.5 years.
7. None of my children have had a drop of formula and I am very proud of that.
8. I had all 3 of my boys naturally.
9. I had my last baby while on all fours.
10. I have a degree in Early Childhood Development.
11. I looovvee my degree!
12. I work in Early Intervention.
13. I have been to 3 funerals of children I work with.
14. I never again in my life want to hear 'Jesus Loves the Little Children'.
15. I have brown eyes, my hubby green yet we have 3 blue eyed boys.
16. I wanted my kids to have brown eyes.
17. I am Conference Coordinator for a Early Intervention Professional Organization.
18. I am a Dr Pepper freak!
19. I just realized that 100 things is a lot!
20. I play Neopets daily.
21. I sign in on the computer before I eat breakfast.
22. A friend and I have started a kids consignment sale.
23. Same friend and I have gone to the community bi annual yardsale for 9 years.
24. I will not give birth with out said friend.
25. She has held all 3 of my babies before anyone else.
26. She cut the cord on the last 2.
27. She is the first I tell I'm pregnant.
28. I really do love my
29. My hubby hasn't seen any of our children born.
30. My favorite pictures after birth are daddy holding them all cuddled up talking to them.
31. All 3 of my boys have the same chin.
32. I love to cross stich.
33. I am 33 years old.
34. I am a Pisces.
35. I married a Pisces.
36. I have Hoshimotos Thyroiditis.
37. I gained 50+ lbs in college. (see #36)
38. My first son was fertility.
39. I gained 23 lbs with pregnancy #1.
40. I lost 39 pounds after baby #1.
42. The week I reached goal and lifetime with WW I found out I was pregnant.
43. I was 21 weeks pregnant when I found out.
44. I gained 21 pounds with pregnancy #2.
45. I lost a total of 50 pounds after both boys. (not counting baby weight)
46. It took us 2 months to get pregnant with #3.
47. I gained 22 pounds with #3.
48. I had my last 2 babies at a birthing center.
49. I would deliver at home if there was a good hospital close.
50. I'm half way to 100!
51. I am a horrid housekeeper.
52. My boys havent had any OTC in over a year.
53. We use homoepathy meds.
54. We had decided to not vax pending further research.
55. I am a huge procrastinator.
56. I don't spell well.
57. I am a breastfeeding counselor.
58. I was called a hippie the other day and was so proud!
59. I should have been a hippie!
60. I wear my socks inside out because I don't like the seam.
61. My 2 closest girl friends are KC and LA.
62. Up until January of 2007 me and all the boys clothes would match if we left the house.
62. Keaton and I still mathc :)
63. I don't like pickles or raisins.
64. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.
65. I was dating my now hubbys roommate before him.
66. I can't stand it when the kids stand on my feet with their bare feet.
67. My mother renews my Girl Scout membership every year.
68. I've been a Girl Scout for 17 years.
69. My favorite movie is "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".
70. In highschool my favorite book was "Catcher in the Rye".
71. I read it recently, not so impressed with it now.
72. In high school the first books on the read list I read were the banned ones.
73. I'm the oldest cousin on my mothers side and the youngest girl cousin on my fathers side.
74. Of 19 cousins only 2 of us have brown eyes, the rest have blue.
75. #15 might be explained by #74.
76. I am trying to eat mostly organic foods.
77. My hubby is just like my dad.
78. My dad is a hippie.
79. My dads hair is longer than mine.
80. I have a 1960 Mini Cooper being worked on.
81. I won't touch raw meat.
82. I one day hope to be a MILF.
83. I have had my boys pictures taken every month till they are 1.
84. I am a Harry Potter freak!
85. I wanted to name my 3rd son Griffin Dore.
86. I'm into geneology.
87. I am working on cross stitching a family tree for my boys.
88. I have bad allergies.
89. I love spinner rings.
90. My favorite color is lime green.
91. I've swam in the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Mexico) and Atlantic Ocean in the same day.
92. My favorite animal is a whale.
93. I went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
94. I love to craft.
95. As in sane as my house is, when I work my space has to be perfect.
96. I have horrid eyesight.
97. I took 4 years of drafting in high school.
98. I love Dr Seuss books!
99. I love to take pictures.
100. It took me all day to think of 100 things about me!!


National Delurking Week

Well to follow Stephanie..

Lurker Roll Call!! Come on all you lurkers, let me know you are there and I will add you to my blog roll!

ps..thanks for lurking!

Determine Your "Star Wars" Name

Taken from: Michelle Taken from Notes from a (Mostly) Dry Place . . .

To determine your Star Wars honorific name and title:
For your new first name: Take the first 3 letters of your first name and add the first 2 letters of your last name

For your new last name: Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and add the first 3 letters of the city where you were born

For your title: Take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them, then add the name of the first car you drove/owned

Next insert the word "of"

Now tack on the name of the last medication you took.

Sincerely Yours
Sanwi Bacha
Rebford of NuxVomica one more today..

Ok..Ok..OK...He is TOO cute!!!
And please note the toe!!

All dressed up!!

Yes even in Tennessee we own snow suits! And we use them every chance we get!

Keaton and I stayed on the porch.

First Snowball Fight

Okay, so I know some of you are thinking...that's snow?? But for us it's a start. And the boys had their first snowball fight! As little as there was out there, they had a blast!
Adison rearing back for the toss!

Adison making a snowangel!


This is what the boys did on the way to school today...hide!
Not the lack of snow on the trees in the background?
This was at 8:30 am.

This at 10:30!!
Our house.

Keaton!! are seeing it! My baby is walking behind a push toy!

*cry cry*
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Christmas Dinner....

Father in law carving the ham.
The table all layed out!
I see you!!
Caught in the act!

Granma, Granpa and the boys.
Keaton's Christmas dinner..mmm organic carrots!
Family Christmas Picture Poppie, Grammy, Tate, Granma, Granpa
Donnie, Adison, Keaton and Sandra

Keaton's New Tricks - 8 months 1 week

Keaton has picked up a few new tricks the past few weeks.

This one cracks us up. Being from Tennessee we are working on the prompt "Touch Down Tennessee"!

The other new trick is audio. Maybe I'll try to figure out the whole YouTube thing and post it.
Keaton now says Momma!!! And its not just a sound. He will crawl to me..."momma! momma!"
Makes me melt and dread it! Now he can call me!

He is really moving now. Creeping from couch to couch. Last night he actually stood for a few seconds with out holding on to anything. Granma was excited to see him walk holding on to brothers shirt! 2 weeks older than he is now is when Adison walked! Yes that was the week before his 9 month birthday!
If I'm not careful I'll have another early walker! Off to get the bricks!
Keaton is now walking behind his toy!! I can NOT belive it already!

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Picasa to Blogger Problems

So a friend hooked me up with Picasa. It was great! I could just pick the pictures I wanted to move over the the blog and voila, they were there! Well I made the 'mistake' of switching to the new Blogger. So I have tried to move pictures over. The only way I have found I can do it is to do one picture at a time.

So is anyone else having this problem? It's really crazy and annoying. Any help would be appreciated. The few other blogs and notes I've read about it say it's fixed!

Hope someone can help!

Christmas with the in laws...

My father in law was sick during Christmas so they haven't made it here till this weekend. So we had Christmas again last night. It was great! The boys got signs for their room, RC trucks, I got a candle for by powder room, a 'daughter-in-law' throw and donnie got a mp3 player and a trailor lock kit for the boat. I haven't got the signs up in their room yet, bit I'll edit the room pictures once I do.

Here is my pile of goodies: the candle, the candy, the throw, a lighted water fountain (I have ben wanting one!) and the street sign for the room!


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