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Just hanging out...

I looked over last night and caught Keaton just hanging on the couch.
He was watching Dirty Jobs!

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Tons of Tunnel Tomfoolery!

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Hot Air Balloons

There is an event near us that the final weekend they have a hot air balloon launch.
We got up this am at 5:45, put the sleeping boys in the van and drove an hour to see this....

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It was amazing to see all those balloons going up up and away! We were so close to them, the boys were dying to touch them. I told hubby we need to make this an annual event!!
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The boat is alive!! With a little smoke and sputtering it's alive!

It may not be 'pretty' yet, but it goes!!

I love this picture!! It's just a cool shot!

Captn Donnie. Hey...where's his new Captians hat!!

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More Lake pictures...

Granpa getting on board.
Son of a Son of a Sailor...
Off into the sunset..
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On the lake...

You can actually see them getting a little air here.

Granpa getting ready to disembark.

Please take note that Donnie is the in boat and the picture is being taken from within the truck. YES, thats right... I...ME...SANDRA backed the truck and trailor down the ramp!! I am woman here me ROAR!

The whole family checking out the prepeller which due to the shallowness of the lake currently and lots of Tennessse rocks has a piece missing!
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And of artsy pictures.

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At the Lake

I got a few shots of the boys out by the Lake.

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My name is Adison

Today Adison comes downstairs with his VBS nametag on. I tell him, "you don't need your nametag, we all know your name". While continuing to put his shoes on he tells me, "sometime you don't."
Guess I have been calling them the wrong name lately.
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