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Adison's first flag ceremony

It's a little raw, but they are learning!

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Tate's teeth..

or lack there of. We are down by 2 now.
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My 'babies'

I am partial and I don't care what anyone else thinks...but I have beautiful babies!!

A smile that can melt you. Which is a good thing when he's being a stinker!!

I think we have green/brown eyes!!
Mama and her little ones!

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Play things..

One of Raeleigh's favorite places to play in at the book shelf. She loves to pull all the books out.
I have stopped trying to put them back!
This is a ball tower. Donnie sat on the couch this weekend and watched Raeleigh play with it. Normally you take a jingle ball and put it in the top and it travels down to the trap door at the bottom. We watched her put it on the green row and watch it go down to the bottom. She would pick it up and do it again. After about 10 minutes she would try and catch the ball on the way down. She is getting way too smart way too fast.

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Funny...just funny.

Talk about a bad hair day!

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My crew..

This was picture 9,436. You try to get them all looking at the camera!
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Snow day...

Yes, you were expecting snow pictures! Guess what?? After 3 snow days, we still have NO snow.

So instead of playing in the 'lack of snow', we went to Chick fil a and enjoyed the play center!

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Car wash!!

This is what happens when you put mommy, Aunt Nanner and 3 little crazy boys in a car wash
playing "Not unusual" by Tom Jones....yes, yes we did The Carlton!!

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Little miss cruiser...

She loves to walk behind her stroller with pixie 'Layka'.
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Martial Arts...

For Christmas the boys got Martial Arts classes.
They have been having a great time.

Please be sure to note the little guy next to Tate what is unmistably the "pee-pee dance". He is so cute!

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Standing Alone!!

Yes, she can do it! For just a few seconds right now, but it's getting longer!!
She will be walking before we know it!

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