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For all of you who kid me about my liscene plate with the stick figure kids on it..
this lady has NOTHING on me!!'s 12 kids!!
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Local wild life

Keaton loves to sit at the dock and watch the 'duckies'.
We caught these guys this week after dropping the boys at basketball camp.

Family time at the lake...

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Many faces of Raeleigh

Figured it was time to do a faces page..

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Raeleigh's head

My sweet little girl decided she wanted to pull on the edge of the side table.
She just didn't think about what would happen when she pulled it over.
I heard the bang, then the cry. Looked over to see our small side table sitting on Raeleigh's head!
The worst part was moving the table and not knowing what I would find.
Luckily she was crying, so I knew she was at least concious!
The table drawer hit the side of her head over her eye and the knob
hit dead center in her forehead.

I immediatly starting putting Hyland's Bumps and Bruises on it and giving her Arnica and
by next day the swelling was down 90% and both bruises were only a light yellow.
It makes me happy to see how well my 'hippie' drugs work!!
Two days later there was just the little spot on her forehead from the knob edge.
She is doing great!

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Raeleigh's garage sale find..

Thanks Halli! Raeleigh loves her new dollhouse!

She prefers to play IN the dollhouse instead of with the dollhouse.

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Thriller Thursday

A bunch of friends from church got together last week for a Thriller Thursday!
The kids had a blast!

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Playground fun

After VBS the boys went to play on the playground

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More pictures to follow....

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All I have to say is I'm glad I'm not a rat!

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This is where you sleep when your bedroom is 85 degrees.

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Frog wawa

She found an old pacifier (we call them wawas) with a plastic frog in it.
She thought it was funny to walk around with it.
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Raeleigh's Chair

She is still loving her birthday present!

I know, it looks like she's throwing gang signs, but she really was waving with both hands.

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The book corner...

Its exhausting pulling books off the shelves!
A girl's gotta rest!
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Adison pulled Raeleigh around in Keatons wagon for about an hour.
She had a blast. Kept waving at me!

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Keaton's name

Keaton loves to see his name written. I wrote the bottom one, he and I wrote the middle one.
And he wrote the top one by himself!!

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Robin's Nest

I found this nest with 4 perfect little eggs in the pine tree in the yard.
Sadly when I went back 2 days later there was only 1 egg.
We learned that other birds can come and steal the eggs.

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