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Raeleigh's Baptism..

We went to Donnie's parents church to have Raeleigh Baptised like we did for the boys. It was very nice as always! The church ladies spoil us and claim the kids as their own!
Raeleigh with her Godparents (Aunt Kerri was MIA) and Deacon O'Shea.

Pictures after the reception of the whole crew.

Aunt Zanne and Merrily...

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Happy Father's Day

Raeleigh was Baptisted on Father's Day. We made sure to get pictures of all the 'dads' with the kids.

Here is my dad (Poppy), the kids, Donnie and his dad (Granpa).

And of course My dad with his 'girls'. I'm an only child and very much daddy's girl!

And for the record...he is NOT grumpy...just doesn't smile in pictures.

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Adison and the DS

Adison spent just about the whole weekend playing with Aunt Zanne's DS. He begged everyone there to 'connect' with him and play Mario! I think I might just have a computer geek on my hands! He's good too! Beat Aunt Zanne at her own game.

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Pool time at Granma and Granpa

The boys were so looking forward to pool time!! They talked about it for weeks!! Luckily Aunt Zanne used to teach swim lessons, so she was working with the boys. They had a blast!

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Keaton's first pool expierence...

He was not quite sure about the pool...

His way cool speedos!
By the last day he was climbing the stairs and floating his legs.

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When you can't find a pillow...

Of course just use your little brothers bum!!

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