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The Boys New Room

For Christmas the boys got a room all their own! We turned the Lime Room (spare room) into their room. Aunt Kerri and Uncle Joey came over and painted. And let me tell you...those 2 can paint the hell out of a room!! I decided on a road sign theme! So they got new quilts, street signs with their names on them and more stuff to come! I think it has turned out great! They seem to really enjoy having a space their own. Now to get them in the room! I am not in a rush, they will move when they are ready. It does make me babies are growing up!

Uncle Beau passed this along to the boys. The room wasn't dark when I took the pictures, but since the sign is reflective, the just glowed. It only seemed right to have a Do Not Enter sign on their room door.

I got the quilts on ebay! I was so excited when she said she had 2 of them. They match perfect to the wall stripes!!
Tate's Bed

Adison's bed.

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