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Hi all. As you all may know I worked in Early Intervention for many years. A recent decision was made to do away with the program that I used to work with, Tennessee Infant Parent Services. All the administration and Regional Lead Teachers will be loosing their jobs. This move will be taking away the best and brightest in the field which will drastically effect the quality of the services these special children will receive.

This program is an excellent resource for families across the state of Tennessee. We have to stop this! There is information listed on a blog, on who to contact. Please help us in the effort to stop this action by the house and senate. You will need to email, call or fax to voice your concern and complaints. I have included a list of the Ways and Means Committee members also. Contact as many people as you can.

Please take a few minutes today to do this. The groups are meeting this week to make final decisions. We must stop it from happening! Even if you do not have small children in the program, please take the time. I have personally seen the effects that EI has on children in need.

Thank you for your time ....thousands of families and children thank you.


PS...PLEASE pass this to everyone you know in Tennessee.

Ways and Means Committee

The format for all e-mail addresses is as follows:

R - Randy McNally – Chair - Oak Ridge
Anderson, Loudon, Monroe, Knox

D - Doug Henry – Vice Chair – Nashville

R - Tim Burchett – Knox

R - Diane Black – Gallatin
Robertson, Sumner

R - Raymond Finney – Maryville
Blount, Sevier

D - Joe Haynes – Nashville

D - Rosalind Kurita – Clarksville
Cheatum, Houston, Montgomery

D - Jim Kyle – Memphis

R - Mark Norris – Collierville

R - Bo Watson – Hixson
Hamilton Co

D - John Wilder – Mason
Chester, Crockett, Fayette, Hardeman, McNary, Wayne

Here is a list of all the Representatives and Speakers in email form...;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Chasity said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I never thought I would get through the whole list, but you truly saved me a bundle of time. THANK YOU!


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