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My big boys..

My big boys are 6.5 and 5. Up until 3 weeks ago they sleep at the foot of my bed in toddler beds. Before that they were in my bed or a side car crib. Before that they were safetly tucked in my uterus. They have moved on. They have grown up. They were ready. I guess I was and didn't know it. I expected them to fight, to not fall asleep.

Tonight we told them bed time. They went upstairs, they brushed their teeth they got in bed. Alone. I went to check on them and they are sleeping like babies. With out mommy or daddy. Alone...but with each other. The second night they slept in their room Tate tells me "mommy...I don't need you to lay with me as long as I have Adison in the room with me."

My boys have grown up. Without me, but with each other.

I'm ok..really I am...I think.

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