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ER visit

Keaton decided to have a battle with the entertainment center. Keaton lost.
The result was a 2 inch long gash above his eyebrow. So off to the ER we went! He was sooo good!

Here he still has the bandaid I put on it before we left the house.
This is the numbing stuff they put on it in case they had to sew it up. Thank goodness they were able to use the deramond.
The bad part was the nurse didn't let the glue dry before putting the bandaid over it. After calling a few nurse friends and the er again, I was told never put a bandaid over the glue. Welll...tooo late! The bandaid was stuck to the wound. This picture was after a week of us cutting around the bandaid to get off as much as we could so we could see the wound.

Here he is with all the bandaid off (all but a wee bit). The glue is still there in this picture.

Now the glue is off the wound, but still in his eyebrow, wearing off slowly.

I learned something with the whole experience. When you are at the ER and they give you all the things you can't do with the glue on for fear of it coming off, IGNORE IT. You can't get the stuff off with a blow torch!!
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