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Raeleigh's head

My sweet little girl decided she wanted to pull on the edge of the side table.
She just didn't think about what would happen when she pulled it over.
I heard the bang, then the cry. Looked over to see our small side table sitting on Raeleigh's head!
The worst part was moving the table and not knowing what I would find.
Luckily she was crying, so I knew she was at least concious!
The table drawer hit the side of her head over her eye and the knob
hit dead center in her forehead.

I immediatly starting putting Hyland's Bumps and Bruises on it and giving her Arnica and
by next day the swelling was down 90% and both bruises were only a light yellow.
It makes me happy to see how well my 'hippie' drugs work!!
Two days later there was just the little spot on her forehead from the knob edge.
She is doing great!

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