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Eye Color mystery...

I recently found this website. I believe from someone else's blog, but I can't find it.

The gest of the website is you input your parents eye color, your children's father's parents eye colors, your eye color and daddy's eye color. It then does the magic genetic calculation that no one really understands and tells you what eye color chances you have.
I find it mildly disturbing that I have 3 little boys with blue eyes when the program says I have a 10% chance of it.

Soooo..either the program is very off, my brown eyes are a freak, or the cute neighbor next door has been visiting!! really I do think that my eye color is a freak accident. My dad is one of 6 children. My dad is the only brown eye child. Of the 19 grandchild on that side there are 2 with brown eyes.
From this information I would say the only reason my mom had a brown eyed child was pure, crazy, out of the blue, Luck!

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