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Mama to the Mama Blogger

Stephanie (adventuresinbabywearing ) passed along this TAG to me. Mama to the Mama Blogger. My mom doesn't blog, not sure if she reads this one. (If so..HI MOM).

Here is a picture of my mom, her best friend Kathy (my Godmother) and Aunty Carol. Her best girls growing up. This is at a shower, May 1968. I'm guessing Carols, since she has the flower on.

The best part of the picture is HER HAIR!! What was she thinking??? I'm guessing the hole in the ozone is the lone result of the hairspray used on this hair do!

This is the same gals, Summer 2001.

They are still extremely close and are there for each other anytime they need to be.

And here is June 2006 at the Surprise 40th Anniversary Party I threw for my parents. Pictured again...My mom, Kathy, Barbara and Aunty Carol. The orginal bridemaids at my parents wedding, 40 years later. They are all still close.

I will say the point to the TAG is to think of something special about your mom. I have so many I can't count, but looking at these pictures I can say I learned a very important thing from my mom. Friends. Girl Friends. They are priceless. They are hard to find. And when you find them you DO NOT LET THEM GO! I know at any time I can call Kathy and Carol and they will drop their life for my mom. Anytime, anyplace. That is special. That is rare.

I love my mom dearly. I love my Godmother. And I love my Aunty Carol. I love that they love my mom so dearly. I can rest and know that there are 2 other women out there who will be there with my mom when she needs them. And vice versa.

TAG....Your next.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love how you really thought about this tag! Those are great pictures, and so neat that those women are still close. I hope the same thing for me and my friends. This was really sweet! Thanks for playing!


New Mama's Nest said...

I love those pictures! (and the hair!)

Heidi said...

These are so fun!!! I love the pictures!

The Fiore Family said...


I love the pictures Sandra! And despite what you think the hair rocks my socks!

Annie said...

So cool, so retro, and still gorgeous!

Anne/kq said...

I love this. Both that first picture (HAIR!) and the progression, as well as the "moral" you took from them. Thank you!

Debbie said...

I noticed the change in hair right away. Another thing... they did great keeping their weight down all these years. They look good!


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