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Once again I have been tagged my Stephanie.. this one is about my most prozed possessions.

This one was a little hard. I am a collector (aka packrat), so I have lots of stuff!

But then I started looking around and saw a few things that I would go after in a fire. So I included them in the list of prize possessions.

This is a painting done by my paternal grandmother. I was the baby of 19 grandchildren and when I was born she painted this for my parents. Not sure if you can see it well, but there is one flower in the front that is clearer and bigger than the rest. That is me. I am the new flower in her garden. This hangs over my fireplace with 2 of her water colors on either side.

This is another prize possession. These dolls are Madame Alexander dolls from the 'Little Women' series. My husbands maternal grandmother collected dolls her whole life. When we got married she and my mother in law got these dolls beacuse they matched us; hubby green eyes and brown hair and me brown eyes and hair. They then made the clothes to match our wedding attire! The dress is so like mine its scary! I was so honored that my mother in law and grandmother in law would do them for me. They are beautiful and so speical to me!

And the last of my possessions that I treasure most are all the pictures of my kids. I have a very bad memory and want to be able to know what my kids look like every moment of life. I have had their picture taken every month of their first year and very often after that.

Thanks Stephanie for another great TAG!
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Adventures In Babywearing said...

OH, you gave me chills. That painting is beautiful, and so special. And what wonderful mother-and grandmother-in-laws you have to do something so special with those dolls. This was a great post! Thanks for playing along!


Tonya said...

Those dolls are too cute...and they match your wedding attire! And that painting wow it is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

That is a lovely painting.

Glass Half Full said...

Very beautiful painting! And the dolls look priceless.

Jennifer said...

That painting is amazing - and so special! I love that! The dolls are too cute, how cool is that?! And btw, your boys are way too cute!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Aren't grandmothers the best ever?!?! So much of life would be meaningless without them, but with them, the ordinary really becomes special! Beautiful painting & cool dolls!

KC said...

what a beautiful painting.. and those dolls too cute


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