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New Years Eve!

The boys finally passed out last night about 11:15. Pretty impressive for 2 pre-schoolers. At 2 minutes till midnight I woke Adison up to see the ball fall. (We tried to wake Tate up but no go). So Adison watches the fall and climbs back in bed mumblung "Stupid ball, wake me up to watch a ball!"
So you think thats funny enough, next morning I ask him "Do you remember watching the ball fall?" Adison looks at me and says "I hate that ball!"

I was rolling!!

ps: I really need to work on 'stupid and hate' :(

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The Fiore Family said...

Sandra, That is CLASSIC!!! Sounds just like something Dominick would say!
(Thank Goodness you only have to work on some small words, Dom's thrown some doozies our way!!)


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